How to register for ACC Monday nights in 2024

Happy New Year! ACC calendar for 2024 is now up, and we have opened registrations for Monday nights on TryBooking – click here.

The club will start with a FIDE-rated blitz tournament on Feb 5, Waitangi Blitz. It’s free to register. Summer Cup will start on Feb 12 and costs 20 NZD to play in (see below).

All the usual rules of conduct apply — notify the captain via email/SMS/Messenger before 6:30 pm to not forfeit your game. Games are FIDE-rated and NZCF-rated (except for the Spring Cup at the end of the year, which is only NZCF-rated), so every Monday is a round of an official chess tournament.

Our club has a limit of 80 seats, so please show courtesy by NOT registering for an event if you know you’ll skip 3 rounds or more due to exams or travel. That will help other people get to play at ACC, which is arguably the best training ground for keen chess players in Auckland, both kids and adults.

We priced our club tournaments at 20 NZD each, and by paying for separate events you may save some money compared to paying an annual fee of 120 NZD like in previous years (we won’t collect the 120 NZD amounts anymore). This also allows more players to fill the club when there are absentees.

The full list of Monday night tournaments is below (see Calendar for more details). Each tournament, except for the Waitangi Blitz, costs 20 NZD (all rounds).

  • Waitangi Blitz (one night)
  • Summer Cup (7 rounds)
  • Autumn Cup (7 rounds)
  • Autumn Rapid (two nights, 6 rounds)
  • Winter Cup (9 rounds)
  • Club Champs (9 rounds)
  • Spring Cup (7 rounds)

Have a good chess year ahead!