Winter Cup – Round 3

Round 3 of the Winter Cup saw a lot of byes due to players being out of town at the NZ Junior and Inter-schools events in Palmerston North. Other players were on Holiday.

  • A Big reminder to let me (Simon) know if you are not goign to be playing. This week 4 players didn’t turn up without notification. Ryan Dukeson, Jain Uday, Isaac Yuan and Robin Boudot. They all got zero points and will get the same in Round 4 round unless I hear from them.
  • Upcoming tournament at the Club is the Merv Morrison over Labour weekend ( October 21st to 24th). The entry form has more details
  • Also a reminder than the NZ Chess Congress will be in Wellington in early January 2017. Go here for the entry form and entries so far.

PGN file for Winter Cup round 3

A Grade

Only two games were played in A Grade. The top game saw Nathan Goodhue play a Dutch as black against Mike Steadman. Mike (who often players the Dutch himself) played 3. h3 and 4. g4 so quickly get things out of book at the expense of leaving himself with a cramped and strange looking position. Nathan unfortunately missed a tactic and lost his Queen for two pieces

John Duneas slowly strangled Alex Huang until Alex’s position collapsed.

B Grade

Don Eade had a led out of the Opening against Tim Ha. Tim resigned after losing an exchange.

Richard Taylor got behind a little against Paul MacDonald and under time pressure his position got worse.

Keith Ward launched an aggressive attack against Hilton Jacobs which the computer judged to be optimistic. Hilton defended correctly except for one move which left Keith with a chance of a draw. Keith missed the strange looking drawing move and the alternatives were much worse.

Alex Nagorski took advantage of Tomas Madr’s passive opening and generally dominated the game although the computer saw several missed chances to finish it early. Eventually Alex found one of them and won.

C Grade

Only 2 players ( Bishop Everett and Seifi Pouya) are now on a perfect score.

The Vega Websites for the Winter Cup Are:

Links to the Schedule for A and B grade are on the 2016 Tournaments page.

If you are unable to play please contact Simon Lyall either via text (021 575 233) or email to contact @ . Normally you will get a half point bye. Please let us know as early as possible.