Autumn rapid 2017 – Result

The 2017 Autumn Rapid was played across 6 rounds rounds and two nights ( April 3rd and 10th ). Just over 60 players entered.

Full Results in online from Vega

After the first night there were three players on 3 points, Ben Hague, Bruce Watson and Allen Fan. There were another 6 on 2.5 points.

Rounds 4 and 5 had two upsets that the top with Leo Zhang beating first Allen Fan and then Bruce Watson to go into the lead in the last round (with 4.5 points). However Leo decided to take a half point bye in the last round which gave a chance for some of the 6 players on 4 points to catch up to him.

Final result was 4 players sharing 1st place on 5 points out of 6

  • Bruce Watson
  • Leo Zhang
  • Ben Hague
  • Gordon Morrell

with John Duneas 4th on 4.5 points and 13 players on 4.0 points (including 1139 rated Winston Weng who beat 3 players rated in the 1500s)

We also had some problems with the Vega software on both nights. This has now been updated and will hopefully behave itself.

Coming Up:

  • A reminder that the club is closed on Easter Friday and Easter Monday.
  • The first round of the Autumn cup is on April 24th
  • The ACC will be running a tournament over ANZAC weekend. Entry forms are here and Vega link is here.


Leo Zhang (left) vs Bruce Watson (both 1st equal)
Ben Hague (1st equal)
Bruce Watson and Gordon Morrell (both 1st equal)
Club members watch Don Eade (playing black) vs Abraham Deng