Spring Rapid – Round 4-6

The Winter Cup will be starting on the 4th of September. It will be two round-robins Grades and a Swiss Grade. The Vega pages are linked on the 2017 tournaments page and the draws for the top two grades will be made and published later this week.

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Vega Page for the Spring Rapid.

The final 3 games of the Spring Rapid we’re played on Monday the 28th of September.

Round 4

Things started to heat up as players were paired against those a lot closer in rating.

Major upsets were:

  • Jason Huang beat Rodney Li
  • Leo Li beat Eric Wu
  • Euan McDougall beat Roy Seabrook

Round 5

Only 3 unbeaten players left (plus 2 more on 3.5)

Ben Hague beat Allen Fan to go into the sole led. Bruce Watson drew with Alphaeus Ang to put Bruce just half a point behind.

Big upsets this round were:

  • Justin Zhao beat Andrew Michael
  • Alex Nagorski beat Daniel Gong
  • Euan McDougall beat Clinton Wells
  • Hugh Gao beat Grant Burrows
  • Tom Fu beat Caroline Yan

Round 6

Around two-thirds of players too a bye in the last round.

On board one Ben Hague ended up a piece down againts Bruce Watson and while he defended the endgame for some time Bruce eventually won.

Final Standards

1st: Bruce Watson 5.5 points
2nd= Ben Hague and Alexei Kulashko on 5.0
4th= Gordon Morrell, Alphaeus Ang and Alex Nagorski on 4.5

Club Rapid results

The Club rapid championship is decided by adding the scores of players in both the Club Rapids.

1st: Bruce Watson on 10.5  ( 5 + 5.5)
2nd: Ben Hague on 10.0  ( 5 + 5 )
3rd: Gordon Morrell on 9.5  ( 5 + 4.5 )
4th: John Duneas on 9.0 ( 4.5 and 4.5 )
5th= Alpahaeus Ang & Alex Nagorski on 8.5