2018 Summer Cup – Round 4

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2018 Summer Cup, Round 4 PGN by Tim Ha


A Grade

Draw between Paul Garbett and Mike Steadman (Game not in PGN) while Gino forfeited his game against Alexei Kulashko.

Daniel Gong made one bad move against Ben Hague and allowed Ben a winning attack.

In Alphaeus Ang vs Bruce Watson, Alphaeus got an exchange and swapped into an endgame and then spotted a quick mate for a win.

After 4 rounds Alexei Kulashko is in the lead on 3.5 with Ben Hague in second on 3.

B Grade

See the PGN for Paul Macdonald’s Full Analysis of his game against Erwin Koestano. Erwin looked good for much of the game before a couple of mistakes lost material and allowed Paul a winning counter-attack.

Leon Zhang and Nathan Goodhue drew

Qi Le Kong-Lim vs John Duneas saw John unsoundly sacrifice a piece. However John managed to win a piece back during the endgame (when players were short on time) and win the game.

Alex Nagorski vs Allen Fan. This game is annotated by Alex in the PGN. Alex won by pushing a passed pawn in the late middle-game. Alex’s summary: White played recklessly in the opening reacting not really well to the Black’s novelty Rf7 (Opening theory). Later on, maneuvering, White missed a couple of tactical chances to get advantage of the position (missed Ke6 and g4). (Improve tactics! Count!) I assume that Black felt the White’s pressure throughout the whole game though and struggled to find the correct way to organise counterplay (e.g. Kb6?). In the endgame Black missed the saving move 29…c6 (which can be psychologically justified). White shouldn’t have jumped for the obvious but carefully evaluate and play correctly (Qd7?) Moreover, there was no significant time pressure (11:18 v 20:00). Things to work on: 1) Opening theory, review KI games 2) Tactics, counting improvement

Alex is leading on 3.5 ahead of Paul on 3.

C Grade

Joy Qin and Caroline Yan drew later in the week in a catchup game.

Nicole Qin won by default against Keith Ward.

Simon Lyall beat Don Eade after Don made a mistake in the opening and allowed Simon to cramp Don’s position and bring up a dangerous attack.

Tim Ha’s good start against Roy Seabrook went downhill after he got a rook pinned and then he resigned after Roy won it for nothing.

Nicole Qin leads the Grade on 4/4 while Simon Lyall is second on 3.5.

D Grade

Euan MacDougall is the only undefeated player after a narrow win against Abraham Deng.

Jame Liu, Sarah Yan and Owen Jin are on 3.5

Upsets in round 4:

Brian Zhao beat Rodney Li
Boyuan Zhang Philip Te Whata
Felix Xie beat Stephen Peak
Jeffrey Yu beat David Xu
Anya Thurner beat Leo Li
Mathew Steadman beat Aaron Wang