2018 Summer Cup – Round 3

B grade has been a bit disrupted up following the withdrawal of Brett Rider and Alex Huang. They have been replaced by Erwin Koestano and Qi Le Kong-Lim. I hope to catchup with results later this week.

PGN of round 3 by Ewen Green

A Grade

Alexei Kulashko had a straight-forward win over Paul Garbett after Paul got a little behind out of the opening and Alexei put on pressure with an attack.

Alpheaus Ang and Gino Thornton played a complicated game of sacrifices and exchanges. After the dust settled Alphaeus was an exchange up in an endgame and Gino resigned.

Bruce Watson mis-calculated and material to Ben Hague and resigned early.

Danial Gong sacrificed a piece for 3 pawns and an attack against Mike Steadman. His attack was slowing down when Mike missed a tactic which allowed Daniel to gain material and initiative.

After 3 rounds Alexei Kulashko is on first place on 2.5 points.

B Grade

Alex Nagorski vs Paul Macdonald – Black got a little ahead in the opening but White equalized. The players then swapped pieces into a drawn King and pawn endgame, although the computer says both players had chances at times.

Nathan Goodhue vs Edwin Koestanto – White picked up two pawns and then a Queen for a rook and Bishop. This was enough to win.

The other two games were unplayed.

C Grade

Tim Ha vs Joy Qin – White managed to come a piece up after an attack but took a draw.

Keith Ward vs Caroline Yan – After a lot of back and forth Black won.

Roy Seabrook vs Simon Lyall – Black picked up a piece during a dangerous attack and then blundered it straight back. Eventually Black won.

Don Eade vs Nicole Qin – White went a pawn down and then sacrificed a piece but this was unsuccessful and Black won easily with her extra piece.

D Grade


Boyuan Zhang beat David Ansell
Abraham Deng beat Andrew Michael
Brian Zhao beat Leo Li