Spring Cup 2018 – Round 2

The Summit Rapid Chess Open is on Sunday the 18th of November. See the Entry form for details.

The A-Grade saw a lot fewer upsets in round 2 but there were still plenty in B Grade.

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2018 Spring Cup R2 PGN by Ewan Green

A Grade

Bruce Watson vs Nathan Goodhue – The players swapped to a endgame with White a little better. After White picked up a pawn he had little trouble. 1-0

Alex Huang vs Paul Garbett – White had an attack but a few moves later Black was completely winning after a few choice swaps. 0-1

Michael Steadman vs German Giuliani – Mike was unphased by black’s “1. c4 g4” and got a quick win. “Boom, that’s how to deal to that g5 rubbish!” . 1-0

Don Eade vs Daniel Gong – White made an error in the opening that lost a pawn and cramped his position. Black was able to quickly exploit this.

Ben Hague vs Akshay Sharma – Black made a few tactical errors and lost quickly 1-0

John Duneas vs Alphaeus Ang – White missed a tactic from Black (see diagram) and lost. 1-0

Duneas vs Ang. White as just played 13. Bb5 . What reply from Black did he miss?

Alexei Kulashko vs Alex Nagorski – The position was almost locked up and the players did around 20 moves of shuffling. However Black made a mistake and White was able to invade and win. 1-0

Caroline Yan vs Paul Macdonald – White picked up a pawn and Black took a draw in the face of an imminent exchange of the major pieces. Draw

Winston Weng vs Tim Ha –   White lost two pawns but got them back in a flurry of tactical miscalculations by both players. However stepped into a mate. 0-1

Clinton Wells vs Jordan Lewis – White got some pieces in bad positions and gave up and exchange. Black was able to convert from there. 0-1

Only 2 upsets this round.

The underrated Lewis Jordan beat Clinton Wells.
Caroline Yan drew with Paul Macdonald

B Grade

Ariel Patdu vs Andrew Michael – White attacked Black’s castled King and Black miscalculated the defense. 1-0

Arkadi Polyakevich vs Tom Fu – The players took and early draw. The final position however appears to be close to winning for Black. Draw

Abraham Deng vs Stephen Peters – White miscalculated and lost a piece. 0-1

Narasimhan Ravi vs Isabelle Ning –  White was better at several points but wasted moves and lost his advantage. The game was eventually drawn.

Sarah Yan vs Erica Hu – Black lots an exchange and then key pawns in front of her King. 1-0


Hannah Xu beat John McClory
Yolanda Chang beat Huge Gao
Stephen Peters beat Abraham Deng
Eugene Wang drew with Joe Wang
Vincent Cai beat Saasha Ghadiali
Philbert Zhai beat Renae Ghadiali

Due to the large number of draws only 2 players are undefeated. Stephan Peters and Ariel Patdu.