Winter Cup 2018 – Round 1

A reminder about the September Weekend on the 15th and 16th of September. There are 9 Games of Rapid and 9 games of Blitz over 2 days. Entry and more information is online

The ACC Winter Cup is two rated Swiss grades over 7 rounds.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade

Winter Cup R1 PGN by Tim Ha and Alex Nagorski

Most games in round 1 had a large rating difference so were straightforward wins for the stronger player.

Round 2 possible draw is at the bottom of this post.

A Grade

John Pakenham vs Mike Steadman – Black exploited holes in White’s pawn structure and created too many threats for White to handle. 0-1

Daniel Gong vs Winston Weng – 1-0

Aaron Wang vs Allen Fan – 0-1

John Duneas vs Felix Xie – Note the last move in the game is Bxc4 not Bxc5 (which allows a passed pawn). 1-0

Xinyang Liu vs Gordon Morrell – White played an unusual c3 then Na3->c2 line in the Caro-Kann to defend d4 and get a pawn chain. He then completed blocked all lines with pawn chains and Black settled for a draw.

Ntahn Goodhue vs Andrew Michael – White picked up a pawn and kept it into a rook and pawn endgame. He eventually pushed the pawn though to win. 1-0

Arkadi Polyakevich vs Paul Macdonald – Black got a better position and kept up the pressure for 40 moves until White cracked. 0-1

Alex Nagorski vs Stephen Peak – White picked up a couple of pawns. 1-0

A Sriram vs Roy Seabrook – 19 moves of theory. Black missed a tactic and White picked up material with a mate threat. 1-0

Tim Ha vs Abraham Deng – Black got a better position but settled for a draw.

Rodney Li vs Don Eade – Despite being an exchange down Black passed up the chance of a perpetual check but ended up in a worse endgame. 1-0

Lewis Jordon vs JC Mullage –  White game up a piece and ignore and attack on his Queen to attack Black’s exposed King. 1-0

Philli Park-Tamati vs Akshey Sharma – After a good start White made some tactical mistakes and Black was able to get ahead and win. 0-1

James Liu vs David Ansell – Black feel for an opening trap and resigned a little later (although the computer says he still had chances) 1-0


A Sriram beat Roy Seabrook
Rodney Li beat Don Eade
Xinyang Liu drew with Gordon Morrell
Abraham Deng drew with Tim Ha

B Grade

Olivia Dong returns to chess after a break. She is top rated in the grade.

Upsets this round:

Adam Hasan-Stien beat Ying Wang
Lakshmi Ravi beat Isabelle Ning

Possible Draws for Round 2 – Subject to byes