Winter Cup 2018 – Round 5

A reminder to enter soon for the Spring Cup. The format will be similar to the Winter Cup. There will be 2 rated Swiss grades. However the A Grade will be smaller with around 25 players.

The ACC Winter Cup is two rated Swiss grades over 7 rounds.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade

Winter Cup 2018 R5 PGN entered by Ewen Green

A Grade

John Duneas vs Gordon Morrell – A draw agreed on move 21 in an equal position. Draw

Tim Ha vs Nathan Goodhue – Black got a better position in the opening and kept White on the ropes. 0-1

Aaron Wang vs Paul Macdonald – See Paul’s annotations in the PGN. Black took advantage of a series of second best moves by White and was eventually 3 pawns up. 0-1

Abraham Deng vs Alex Nagorski – A long game. White was better out of the opening but Black equalised and then picked up a pawn. The players swapped to an opposite bishop ending with Black still a pawn up. White failed to defend accurately and had to give up his bishop to stop a passed pawn which gave black a win. 0-1

Akshay Sharma vs William Undy – Black gave up a piece for 2 pawns. A few moves later White returned the sacrifice and played some move good moves to leave himself with a rook and two pawns vs a rook which he won. 1-0

Don Eade vs Alphaeus Ang – Black picked up a pawn in the opening and then two pieces for a rook. He was was able to convert without too much trouble. 0-1

Roy Seabrook vs Philli Park-Tamati – Yes, we do have chess during the school holidays. 1-0

Andrew Michael vs Simon Lyall – White got better of the opening and middle game but black managed to come back when White ignored a threat to press his attack. Both players made errors in the endgame which was eventually a draw.

Rodney Li vs Felix Xie – Black swapped Queen’s on d1 which left White’s King stuck in the centre with no pawn cover.  Mate on move 26. 0-1

Janitha Mullage vs Caroline Yan – Black with a little better for most of the game. The players steadily swapped down to position where Black had a Bishop + 3 pawns vs a Knight and 2 pawns. Black was unable to find the win and the the game was Drawn.

Sarah Yan vs Virginia Milne – Black made a couple of mistakes and lost material just after the opening. 1-0

Stephen Peak vs Jordon Lewis – draw agreed in a fairly equal position on more 27. Draw

Arkadi Polyakevich vs John McClory – Black missed his opening theory and lost a piece. White eventually won. 1-0

John Pakenham vs Xinyang Liu – Black picked up an exchange and a pawn which was enough. 0-1

John Duneas is still in the lead. He is half a point ahead of Paul Macdonald, Alex Nagorski and Nathan Goodhue.

Upsets in Round 5:

Arkadi Polyakevich beat John McClory
Janitha Mullage drew with Carloline Yan
Andrew Michael drew with Simon Lyall

B Grade

Jeffrey Yu vs Joe Wang – Black made a mistake which allowed an attack from White. Black survived but ended up with a lost King and Pawn endgame. 1-0

Leo Li vs Anya Thurner – White gave up a pawn, then a piece and then his Queen. 0-1

Brian Zhao vs Kenny Zhang – Black picked up an exchange, then a pawn and then a piece. 0-1

Jacob Chai vs Jason Huang – White gave up two pawns for an attack but the attack was stopped by Black. White resigned after one of his attacking pieces was trapped. 0-1

Upsets in round 5

Charlotte Wen beat Kelvin Xiao
Rosa Ryu beat Ethan Liu
Priyanshu Pattani beat Scott Jones