Winter Cup 2018 – Round 6

Entries for the Spring Cup are now closed since we have over 70 players. Coming up we have:

October 15 – Last round of the Winter Cup
October 22 – No Club Night, Merv Morrison tournament during the day
October 29 – Round 1 of the Spring Cup

The ACC Winter Cup is two rated Swiss grades over 7 rounds.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade

Winter Cup 2018 Rd 6 PGN by Ewen Green with help from Paul, Alex and Simon

A Grade

Nathan Goodhue vs John Duneas – Black was slightly better but white was able to contain him. The players swapped down to a drawn endgame. Draw.

Alex Nagorski vs Pail Macdonald – The PGN this week has two copies of this game, one annotated by Alex and one by Paul. I recommend checking out both of them. Alex was better out of the opening but made a mistake and allowed Paul an advantage. However the game swapped down to a draw (although not trivial) rook and pawn endgame. Draw

Alphaeus Ang vs Allen Fan – White was a little better from out of the opening, but after swapping off his good rook he seemed to decide to try and force a draw. Black avoided the draw and activated his pieces to push White into a corner. Black navigated some tricks by White and it was all over. 0-1

Roy Seabrook vs Akshay Sharma – Black blundered an exchange out of the opening. Pieces were swapped and white had few further problems. 1-0

Abraham Deng vs Jame Liu – The players agreed a draw on move 27 in an equal position. Draw

Simon Lyall vs Aaron Wang – Black tried a dubious opening line which allowed White a winning attack. A few annotations in the PGN. 1-0

William Undy vs Winston Weng – White lost an exchange and two pawns early in the game and decided to call it quits. 0-1

Sarah Yan vs Andrew Michael – Black got the better of some shape play and ended up with 2 passed pawns by move 26. But he made some mistakes and ended up with a drawn endgame, at least is was drawn until black lost his queen. 1-0

Caroline Yan vs Don Eade – Black mounted an aggressive attack which White accurately defended. A draw was agreed soon-after. Draw

Arkadi Polyakevich vs Stephen Peak – White left a hole in his position which Black exploited with a sacrifice and a few moves later White was two pawns down. But black lost a piece to leave a BB+2p vs B+4p endgame. White was able to win. 1-0

David Ansell vs Rodney Li – White lost a piece early on. 0-1

Lewis Jordan vs Virginia Milne – The advantage switch back and forth a few times. However Black tried an unsound piece sacrifice which lost when it failed. 1-0

John Duneas is still in the lead. He is half a point ahead of Allen Fan, Paul Macdonald, Alex Nagorski and Nathan Goodhue.

Upsets in Round 6:

John Pakenham beat John McClory
Winston Weng beat William Undy
Allen Fan beat Alphaeus Ang

B Grade

Anya Thurner beat Priyanshu Pattanito grab 1st place by herself while many other players took byes due to the School Holidays.

Anya is half a point ahead of Boyuan Zhang and Jason Huang.

Upsets in round 6:

Jacob Chai beat Scott Jones

Imaginary Draws in Round 7