2019 Spring Cup – Round 3

Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade

PGN of Round 3 of the Spring Cup by Ewen Green and Tim Ha

A Grade

Ben Hague vs Alex Nagorski – Black got behind in development at the start. He gave up a piece for two pawns in front of White’s King but White had no problems defending and was able to swap and win. 1-0

John Duneas vs Don Eade – Black had a good start and but allowed a tactic that gave up a pawn. After a complete exchange he ended up another pawn down. White was able to quickly win from there. 1-0

Danian Runcan vs Scott Treanor – Black got a worse opening and then had to manually move his King to the Queenside to escape threats. White used the time to prepare and mount an attack against Black’s split position. 1-0

Rauen Le Grange vs Paul Macdonald – A series of exchanges left White a piece down. 0-1

Nigel Metge vs Isabelle Ning – Black wasted time in the opening and her pieces then got kicked around as white pushed an attach straight through the middle of her position. 1-0

Mike Steadman vs Bruce Watson – White played an unusual f4, g3, Bg2, Nh3, O-O combination of moves. Black stayed a little better as the endgame swapped down before making a mistake that gave White the win. 1-0

Paul Garbett vs Abraham Deng – Black allowed white to push a couple of pawns right into his position and ended up losing a piece. 1-0

Winson Weng vs Erwin Koestanto – Default by Black 1-0

Felix Xie vs Karl Holdo – White tried a Kingside pawn push which Black defended. The position swapped to an even Rook and pawn endgame. White kept up the pressure and eventually Black made a fatal mistake. 1-0

Philli Park-Tamati vs Arkadi Polykevich – White did a Qucik attack against Black’s King and after some errors by Black in defending White was a piece up. 1-0

Grant Burrows vs Simon Lyall – After some sharp opening tactics Black was left with a big advantage. 0-1

Hao Tang vs Yolanda Chang – After an exciting but even game Black made a slip-up and White quickly won. 1-0

Andrew Michael vs Lewis Jordan – The players opposite castled. White Held his position and pushed a pawn-strong against Black who made a couple of of errors and lost quickly. 1-0

Jack Chen vs Stephen Peak – Black was winning from early in the game but took 77 moves to eventually overcome White’s defense. 0-1

Anya Thurner vs Ajit Pendharkar – White went a little wrong in the opening and allowed Black a strong attack that Kicked White around for 20 moves before winning a piece. 0-1

Kenny Zhang vs Lakshmi Ravi – A wide game, Black attacked and swapped pieces to have a close-to-won endgame. He then made a couple of bad moves and gave White a surprise win. 1-0

Virginia Milne vs Daqi Mao – White was going okay until she trapped and lost her Queen.

Upsets in A Grade Round 3

Andrew Michael beat Jordan Lewis
Daqi Mao beat Virginia Milne

There were no draws this round with large gaps between most players ratings.

B Grade

John McClory vs Jacob Barry – A Dubious opening ( 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 2 3. d3?! h6?! ) but then Black miscalculated and was left 2 pawns down. After a lot of mistakes by both players Black won. 0-1

Upsets in B-Grade Round 3

Bevis Jiang beat Alan Leach
Grayson Po’e-Tofaeono beat Neil Sonnekus
Saahir Saheb beat Steve Vezich
Narasimha Ravi beat Michael Ma