2019 Summer Cup – Round 2

The 2nd round of the Summer Cup was played on the 18th of February.

Draw: A, B, C (round-robin schedule)
Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade , C Grade , D Grade

PGN of Round 2 by Tim Ha

A Grade

Nathan Goodhue vs Alphaeus Ang – The players steadily swapped pieces with no real advantage to either side. Draw

Mike Steadman vs Daniel Gong – White got a slightly better position but settled for forcing a repetition. Draw

Allen Fan vs Alex Huang – Black got a little ahead and won, although the computer is unimpressed. 0-1

B Grade

Caroline Yan vs Euan McDougall – A seesaw game. Fair even until White lost a piece but then she picked up some pawns a few moves later as compensation. Another mistake ended it however. 0-1

Don Eade vs Simon Lyall – White got better in the opening and Black tried a dubious pawn push. White was better but after some swaps Black came out a pawn ahead with a winning endgame. Black missed the best moves and settled for a draw due to lack of time. Draw

Paul Macdonald vs Jasmine Zhang – Black came out of the opening a little better. White tried and exchange sac but gained nothing and after White held off Black’s threats, she swapped down to a won endgame. 0-1

C Grade

Karl Holdo vs Felix Xie – White got a little lost in his opening and wasted a couple of moves allowing Black to advance pawns to cramp White’s position. Black got an unstoppable passed pawn and White resigned. 0-1

Xinyang Liu vs Tim Ha – After some unusual opening moves Black picked up a pawn with a tactic and White resigned soon after when the king was trapped. 0-1

Winston Weng vs Jordan Lewis – White got a better position but missed the best continuation and the position swapped down to a draw.

Aaron Wang vs Akshay Sharma – Black made a push on the queenside and White eventaully made a mistake defending. Black came out 3 pawns ahead and White resigned. 0-1

D Grade

Upsets for Round 2:

Ariel Patdu beat Dario Giuliani
David Zhu beat Philbert Zhai
Narasimhan Ravi beat Hugh Gao
Mike Steiner beat Austin Tama