2019 Summer Cup – Round 3

Due to the number of games missed in A, B and C Grade. The placings are a little confused. Games are being caught-up however.

Draw: A, B, C (round-robin schedule)
Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade , C Grade , D Grade

PGN for Round 3 by Ewen Green

A Grade

Nigel Metge vs Allen Fan – White pushed a fawn pawn to h6 but black did a quick counter-attack and picked up an exchange. Another tactic missed by White allowed Black to pickup a full piece and White resigned. 0-1

Daniel Gong vs Alexei Kulashko – White tried an obscure move on move 3 of the Sicilian! After some exchanges and tactics Black had an extra Bishop for 3 pawns. However White was unable to hold the position. 0-1

Alphaeus Ang vs Mike Steadman – Black gave up a pawn in return for mobility and development. The computer liked White’s position but Black’s attack left little margin for error. White eventually made a mistake and settled for a perpetual check. Draw

Alexei Kulashko and Allen Fan both led on 2 points. Alexei has a game and hand as do other players

B Grade

Euan McDougall vs Clinton Wells – White made some dubious opening choices and gave Black a better position. Black kept up the pressure and won and pawn and then more material. 0-1

C Grade

Lewis Jordan vs Aaron Wang – White game up and early pawn and then black just put pressure on and swapped. Black resigned after losing an exchange etc. 0-1

Tim Ha vs Winston Weng – Black got in a better position into the opening but miscalculated a tactic and gave up his two bishops for a rook. White’s Bishops and Black’s underdeveloped pieces quickly decided the game. 1-0

Felix Xei vs Xinyang Liu – White got a good attack but missed the followup moves and allowed Black to escape. After some tacic the position looked drawn but black made a mistake and gave white the win. 1-0

Felix Xie is leading the grade on 3/3. However Akshay Sharma has 2 points with a game in hand

D Grade

Upsets in Round 3:

Thomas Zheng beat Huge Gao
Neil Sonnekus drew with Abraham Deng

3 players are leading on 3 points: Joe Wang, Philli Park-Tamati and Jeffrey Yu while 7 more players are on 2.5