Autumn Cup A, B, C grades, waitlist and penalties

The FIDE-rated Autumn Cup (7 rounds of 90m+30s classical chess) will run from May 3 to June 21 (with a break for Queen’s Birthday and Trusts Open tournament on June 5-7) and will consist of 3 grades:

A-grade, a round-robin tournament for top 8 players

B-grade, a Swiss tournament for 50 players with a rating >= 1300 FIDE (either classical or rapid)

C-grade, a Swiss tournament for 28 players with a rating < 1300 FIDE

This year our club is experiencing a boom and we are running out of space. The total number of players is 86, but our club has only 80 seats, so we have to introduce a waitlist. B-grade and C-grade will have a waitlist of 3 players each, and on the night, if others drop out due to illness or exams or any other life issues, players from the waitlist will get a spot.

Now to penalties… Please understand that the waitlist is created because every chess player wants to have a game, but this also means everybody else needs to be responsible and notify the captain before 6:30 pm on Monday nights. If a player or his/her parents forget to do that twice, they’ll be withdrawn from the tournament.

The waitlist

  • B-grade: David Holland
  • C-grade: Ethan Tai, Jerome Tao, James Kippenberger

If you’re unhappy with seeing yourself (or your child) on the waitlist, please come to the captain and require a one-time compensation in form of a Chessable course. There’ll be hard work for you to do instead of playing a Monday night game!