Autumn Cup registration list (please check)

Please find and check your name on our registration list

No new names will be accepted unless you’ve missed out because of a communication error with the captain and you can prove that the captain is wrong. Thanks for your understanding.

There will be a round-robin of 8 players on top of the list, and two Swiss grades, B and C. If some of the top 8 can’t commit to 7 games, they’ll be moved down to the Swiss B-grade.

The top 8 at the moment are: (we’ll use May 1 ratings in the final grouping)

1Ang, Alphaeus Wei ErnNZLFM2265
2Gong, Daniel HanwenNZLFM2242
3Garbett, Paul ANZLIM2239
4Fan, Allen Chi ZhouNZLFM2193
5Steadman, Michael V RNZLFM2157
6Huang, AlexNZLCM1988
7Zhang, Jasmine HaomoNZLWIM1954
8Macdonald, PaulNZL1890

Please also note that the number of 85 players on the list means that on every particular night, anybody from the waiting list (we’ll publish the list soon when grades are done) cannot play if all others have turned up.