Autumn Rapid (Apr 12-19, 2021) results

Euan McDougall and FM Alphaeus Ang shared 1st place in the Autumn Rapid. Both had one draw and five wins.

FM Daniel Gong (4 wins, 2 byes) and CM Alex Huang (5 wins, 1 loss) shared second on 5.0/6. Several players were on 4.5, with different paths to their results: WCM Isabelle Ning, Felix Xie, Joe Wang, Hao Tang, and Winston Weng.

  • Isabelle Ning beat Alex Huang and WIM Jasmine Zhang, then later drew Euan McDougall (who was quite lucky to escape to a draw)
  • Felix Xie had one upset draw with Philli Park-Tamati and lost to Alphaeus Ang
  • Hao Tang drew Alphaeus Ang and beat Paul Macdonald
  • Joe Wang beat Paul Macdonald and others, losing only one game to Alex Huang
  • Winston Weng was away from chess, skipped rounds 1-3 and came back to win rounds 4-6.

Little debutants in the club, Leo Lian and Franklyn Zhang (brother of Jasmine) started slowly in rounds 1-3 (0.5 and 0) but got themselves two wins in rounds 4-6. They can play chess!

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