Autumn Rapid, round 4-6, this Monday, Apr 19 before ANZAC break

Autumn Rapid tournament will resume this Monday, April 19.

In round 3 of the first rapid night, Alphaeus Ang was held to a draw by Hao Tang, and Felix Xie by Philli Park-Tamati. These four are on 2.5/3, with some people on 2.5 after playing only 2 games (0.5 byes in round 3).

Alex Nagorski, Euan McDougall, Isabelle Ning and Jasmine Zhang are on the perfect score of 3.0/3.

ANZAC weekender will happen on April 24-26, so the club will be closed on April 26, and will resume on May 3 for the start of the Autumn Cup.