Club reopens on March 15, Summer Cup is divided to 10 rating groups

We are back to Level 1 and can play chess in our club on Monday, March 15! Congratulations!

The Summer Cup was initially planned to run in 7 rounds, but we lost four weeks due to Covid lockdown levels, and three remaining weeks won’t be enough to compete and determine a winner in the Swiss format. Therefore, our club will divide the 80 registered players into 10 groups, each will compete in a 3-round, 8-player Swiss.

If you can’t come on any of these days, March 15, 22 or 29, please let us know and you’ll get a half-point bye. That also means somebody might be left without a game from their group, but that’s currently the reality of what we have.

Hopefully, life will get back to normal for the FIDE-rated rapid tournament and the Autumn Cup after this. Thanks for your understanding!