New members in the FIDE rating list from our club

Some players who participated in our recent FIDE-rated blitz tournament on Jan 25, 2021, have received their FIDE ID numbers now. They are:

4314638 Ellis, Roderick NZL M 1944
4314646 Hughes, Mike NZL M 1960
4314654 Khawaja, Ahmad NZL M 1987
4314662 Khor, Yoong Soon NZL M 1990
4314670 Newman, Nicholas NZL M 2004
4314689 Salvador, Markus NZL M 2006
4314697 Taha, Shereif NZL M 1987
4314700 Zlygostiev, Mykola NZL M 1992

Some will have their new blitz ratings published on Feb 1, as they scored points against rated players (the initial value would come from the last column in the FIDE rating variation report of the blitz tournament).

Welcome to NZL in FIDE, participate in FIDE-rated tournaments, which are plenty in Auckland, and also in other cities of New Zealand (see With these IDs, you can also play anywhere else in the world and got rated. Good luck in establishing a good rating while enjoying chess!