Summer Cup sign-up is open (and closing soon!)

Our club tournaments in 2021 will start with the Summer Cup on February 15. It’s a 7-round Swiss tournament, NZCF-rated. With only 80 places in our club and 67 players already registered, there aren’t many places left, so hurry up! (contact Tim Ha to sign up)

The Vega list to check your registration:

If you have signed up, then please follow the club etiquette: (being responsible makes your chess better, too!)

  • if you have entered the tournament(s) but cannot make it on Monday night of any round, inform Tim Ha via a text or Facebook message before 6:45 pm on Monday (please don’t call, if possible, as it’s difficult to get distracted for a call)
  • if you are late but will play anyway, please also inform Tim Ha, so your opponent can patiently wait
  • if you are going away for vacation and will miss a round or two, please also plan ahead and notify
  • if you don’t show up twice without any prior notification, please expect to be withdrawn from the ongoing tournament (especially if it’s FIDE-rated)

Thanks a lot! Let’s enjoy chess together!