Winter Cup B&C grades defined

The FIDE- and NZCF-rated Winter Cup will start on Monday, June 28. Please check your name on the lists below, and let the captain know if there was any mistake. Note that A-grade round-robin players are listed in the B-grade for now, until we get confirmations that eight top players can play the 7 rounds from Jun 28 to Aug 9.

The grade cut-off is 1400 this time, which is defined as follows:

  • if FIDE June 1 rating >= 1400, the player plays in B-grade
  • if NZCF June 1 rating >= 1400, the player plays in B-grade
  • if the player was FIDE unrated, but performance rating (PR) in Autumn Cup >= 1400, the player plays in B-grade (the PR will be checked again on June 21, after the last round of the Autumn Cup), as this rating would most probably become their FIDE July 1 rating (unless some other tournament will affect it)
  • the rest plays in C-grade



There will also be a waitlist in B and C grades, as our club is overbooked again. We were lucky in the Autumn Cup as the captain didn’t have to send anybody home on the club nights.

Please continue to notify the captain before 6:30 pm on each Monday night so we would know who’s not coming, and those on the waitlist can get a chance to play chess and be happy! Thanks!

If you’re not happy, talk to the captain and you may get a free Chessable course to work with 🙂