Winter Cup starts Monday, Jun 28

ACC Winter Cup (7 rounds of classical 90+30 chess, FIDE- and NZCF-rated) starts Monday, June 28, 7:00 pm with 8 players registered in A-grade, 48 in B-grade (rating>=1400) and 30 in C-grade. (Note: all pairings in Vega are not final until Monday, 7:00 pm).

Please aim to arrive at 6:40-6:45. Don’t forget to notify the captain before 6:30 pm if you cannot come. If you have school camping or travel plans that overlap with Monday club night, please let us know even earlier! Thanks! This will help us provide a better experience for the remaining players. When the club has more than 80 players, the people on the waitlist will not have a game.

We plan to broadcast A-grade games live at so tune in on Mondays, 7:00 pm if you can’t visit the club or if the crowd blocks you from seeing a top board game.

2021 Winter Cup A-grade players are:

1. FM Mike Steadman (winner of the Autumn Cup A)
2. CM Alex Huang
3. Nathan Goodhue
4. Daniel-Ioan Runcan
5. Paul Macdonald
6. Clinton Wells
7. CM Alex Nagorski (winner of the Autumn Cup B)
8. Nigel Metge

They will play a 7-round single round-robin tournament.