Spring Cup A & B start Nov 7

The Spring Cup (only NZCF-rated, classical 75+30, six rounds) starts on Nov 7 and will finish on Dec 12.

The A- and B-grades have been divided. Some were promoted to A- from B-, and some were moved down to B, either based on recent performance or on their own request.

A-grade, https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2022/wwwACCSpringCupA/playersname.html

B-grade, https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2022/wwwACCSpringCupB/playersname.html

Please check your names. If you’re NOT playing in this tournament, please let us know immediately. If you cannot come on any Monday, please text the captain before 6:30 pm as usual.

Please note that our club has only 80 seats, so some new members may not get a game if everybody else shows up.