2019 Autumn Cup – Round 5

The Autumn Cup is being played on Monday in April, May and June and consists of two Swiss Grades. It is Nationally Rated.

Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade

Round 5 PGN by Ewen Green

Round 5 Commentary by Alex Nagorski

A Grade

Alex Nagorski vs Paul Garbett – Fairly equal game in the beginning, both sides swapped down the queens and some pieces. Black started to apply some pressure and potential checkmate threads on the h-file, and White tried to counterattack on the Q-side. Black got a significant advantage, but then got into time trouble and blundered his bishop to a knight fork. Then the rooks were swapped down and the game eventually came to an endgame with an extra knight for White. 1-0

Bruce Watson vs Mike Steadman – White played the popular London system and Black replied with no less popular King’s Indian structure. The game was straightforward as White kept gradually increasing pressure on the Black’s position. Black didn’t stand the pressure and impulsively pushed the f-pawn forward weakening his position even more and allowing a very unpleasant knight pin. Black’s position shattered. 1-0

Daniel Gong vs Alphaeus Ang – Another London attempt but not that successful for White this time. The game was fairly equal at the opening, but then White  decided launch a premature attack having his whole k-side undeveloped. Black replied in the centre. Then White missed a tactical blow facing a checkmate on the 1st rank or losing his queen. Win for Black in 16 moves.

Allen Fan vs Paul Macdonald – A seesaw game where both sides had opportunities. White neglected his king’s safety which gave Black some tactical chances to get advantage and attack. Yet, White defended well and all Black’s advantage evaporated very quickly. Then White missed a tactical punch 29.b6! that could get Black into serious trouble. Instead of that White blundered a pawn and Black got advantage again which he gradually converted into a point. 0-1  (The game has Paul’s detailed annotation)

John Duneas vs Boyuan Zhang – White built up pressure right from the opening. Then he tried a standard bishop sac on h7 which was not supposed to lead to any advantage, as Black could have defended. Apparently Black was shocked and rejected the sac which was his fatal (and final) mistake. Black resigned facing checkmate. 1-0

Euan McDougall vs Jasmine Zhang – Relatively quiet opening followed by Black gradually gaining advantage. A sudden misstep by White resulted in loosing a piece, but he preferred to get checkmated instead.

Nigel Metge vs Andrew Michael – White had comfortable play from the opening and then tried active looking 10.h4 which should have been resulted in a major fallback after the correct  10…cxd4 11.cxd4 h5! followed by Nb4 or Nxd4 depending on the queen’s retreat. Missing that chance Black allowed White to keep the egde. Then White decided to open the game forgetting that his king was still in the centre. Black could play 17…Qa4 and open the game totally downgrading all White’s advantage. Missing the second chance Black allowed White an ultimate attack. 1-0

Virginia Milne vs Don Eade – Being ahead in development White could simply win a pawn. White preferred to try king’s attack and saced a piece for that.  Yet Black was able to defend well and then launch a counter attack on White’s king having material advantage. 0-1

Jordan Lewis vs Grant Burrows – Black had a stable position and was slightly ahead for the most of the game
but then blundered some tactics and resigned.

Abraham Deng vs Nathan Goodhue – White dominated the entire game. Black over-complicated the matter in the midgame and found himself pawn down and the vulnerable king in the centre. Eventually the game swaped down to a pawn endgame that was won for White. Excellent achievement by the young player.

Jeffrey Yu vs Aaron Wang – White neglected his development and launched a pawn attack. That was parried easily, and Black struck back with much stronger effect. 0-1

Joe Wang vs Winston Weng – Black had a good start but then missed some tactic and lost exchange. Then a long stage followed during which Black managed to regain two bishops for a rook. Finally the game went into a R + p vs B + 2pp endgame which the sides decided to settle on a draw.  1/2-1/2

Isabelle Ning vs Simon Lyall – Another London experiment resulted in Black getting huge advantage right from the opening. Then he slipped a couple of times allowing White to maintain the equality. Finally White allowed Black to put his knight on a strong position, then Black queen infiltrated her position. That resulted in an exchange loss. Black managed to capitalize afterwards. 0-1

Karl Holdo vs Anya Thurner – Fairly even game until move 27 when White missed a chance to win a pawn by 27.Nb5!  Then another even plateau followed until Black’s mistake 38…Kf7? (38…b5! with a draw) White could use this blunder by playing 39.b5! himself with a won pawn endgame. After 40.h4? Black finally played 40…b5! securing her position. if White had played 40.b5 he would have won the game. Draw agreed 1/2

Ajit Pendharkar vs Arkadi Polyakevich – A crazy game where the chance shifted from one side to another many times. Black saced an exchange in the midgame for unknown reason. At some point White was totally winnng as the Black’s knight was caught. 40. Rg1 and eigher 40…Nf4 or 40…Nh4 would be followed by 41.RxN pxR and 42.Rg8+ winning the other rook on the skewer. White missed that chance, then gave back the exchange for a strong central knight. The rook endgame followed and Black even managed to win. Looks like White resigned a bit early but that was his decision. 0-1

Upsets in Round 5

Abraham Deng beat Nathan Goodhue
Alex Nagorski beat Paul Garbett
Paul Macdonald beat Allen Fan

After 4 rounds Alex Nagorski was in the led on 4.5 with 3 other players just behind on 4 points.

B Grade

Jack Chen vs Scott Treanor – White had a nice position with attacking chances but failed to find the way. Black counter-attacked and didn’t leave White any chance to survive. Checkmate 0-1

Lakshmi Ravi vs Ying Wang – Black lost a pawn to a tactical trick and then gave up a piece hoping to create an attack on the king-side. That failed and White checkmated. 1-0

Upsets in Round 5

Jack Chen beat Scott Treanor
Kelvin Xiao beat Wayne McDougall
Longbin Bi beat Eugene Wang
John Liu beat Thomas Zheng