2019 Club Champs – Catchup Games

Not all games in the Club Champs were played on Monday. For various reasons some were played at other times. These are ones that (we think) have not been printed earlier.

Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade , C Grade
Draw: A Grade , B Grade

PGN by Ewen Green

Commentary by Simon Lyall

A Grade

Paul Macdonald vs Ben Hague – Round 1 – 0-1

Paul played his b3 Bb2 e4 start and the players quickly swapped a pawn and three pieces each in the centre. White then allowed black to pick up a pawn as the players swapped down to a rook each and several pawns. With 4 pawns to 3 (plus the rook each) White tried to hold but made a mistake and lost a second pawn.

Macdonald vs Hague after 32..Rxa2

Paul Garbett vs Allen Fan – Round 1 – 1-0

White managed to immobilise all of whites pieces by move 25 (see diagram). He then was able to convert to a material advantage and a passed pawn.

Garbett vs Fan after 24 fxe5

B Grade

Euan McDougall vs Simon Lyall – Round 2 – 1-0

Black blew a pawn in the opening and then lost another. White then cramped his position with a pawn advance and picked up a piece. Even when White gave the piece back he had a won endgame and Black resigned.

Felix Xie vs Jordan Lewis – Round 3 – 0-1

White played the unused 1. e4 d5 2. Nc3 followed by 2.. dxe4 3 Nxe4 Nf3 4. Ng3. . Black responded by developing normally and then castling Queenside and push pawns against White’s King. White struggled with mates and other threats looming. Black found a nice sacrifice 25..Rxd3 (see diagram) and White quickly lost.

Xie vs Lewis. Black prepares to play Rxd3

Simon Lyall vs Tim Ha – Round 5 – 1-0

After a fair standard start Black expose his Kingside and White was able to threaten it with a Queen a Night. However Black managed to hold and White could not make progress against a the king. Then Blacked exposed his position with 24…g5 and White was able to attack against d6 and h6 and overwhelm Blacks position. White then failed to find the best move several times but was eventually able to convert his two-pawn advantage.

Lyall vs Ha. White to play 31 Rxd6+