2019 Spring Cup – Round 6

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Spring Cup Round 6 PGN File

A Grade

Ben Hague vs Mike Steadman – White missed some good moves and then after Black captured a pawn in the centre White’s position fell apart. 0-1

Alphaeus Ang vs Philli Park-Tamati – Black Castled Kingside when White had an open g-file. White was able to create an attack and after Black’s desperate counter-attack failed White was completely winning. 1-0

Paul Macdonald vs Nigel Metge – White pushed an early attack but over-reached and lost a piece. Black quickly won with the extra material. 0-1

Bruce Watson vs Hao Tang – White picked up two exchanges(!) and then countered Black’s mate threat with a mate-in-two of his own. 1-0

Alex Nagorski vs Don Eade – Intent on his own mating attack White miscalculated his defence against Black’s attack. 0-1

Scott Treanor vs Jasmine Zhang – White managed to get a pawn and a strong position with an outpost Knight. The players settled for a Draw.

Aaron Wang vs Felix Xie – White tried an all-out attack but ended up losing an exchange. Black was left with a won endgame. 0-1

Stephen Peak vs Paul Garbett – Black rolled forward his pawns against White who cracked and lost a piece. 0-1

Simon Lyall vs Abraham Deng – Black allowed attack on f7 winning a rook and then didn’t get time to recapture the Knight on h8. White swapped down to be 4 pawns up in the endgame although took a while to win due to being in time trouble. 1-0

Boyuan Zhang vs Rauen Le Grange – After some sharp tactic the players swapped down to a rook and pawn endgame. A couple of inaccurate moves by Black gave White a passed pawn. 1-0

Yolanda Chang vs Jordan Lewis – Black created a half open file which he used to pressure White and create a passed pawn. 0-1

Karl Holdo vs Isabelle Ning – Both players followed a standard line which appeared to be better for White. After some exchanges White put pressure on Black with mate threats and a passed pawn until she cracked. 1-0

Jeffrey Yu vs Grant Burrows – Black got lost in his opening and gave White the initiative. He was able to keep up the pressure. 1-0

Ajit Pendharkar vs Daqi Mao – White made some opening mistakes and allowed Black to pick up 2 pawns. White tried some attacks but Black was able to hold and then win. 0-1

Anya Thurner vs Lakshmi Ravi – White had a good start goign a pawn ahead but Black managed to get it back and swap to a King and pawn endgame. White then quickly made a fatal mistake. 0-1

Arkadi Polyakevich vs Andrew Michael – A long game with chances for both players. Black managed to get the better of the maneuvering. 0-1

Hugh Gao vs Virginia Milne – White was goign well until be blundered a piece. 0-1

Upsets in A Grade Round 6

Daqi Mao beat Ajit Pendharkar
Don Eade beat Alex Nagorski
Scott Treanor drew with Jasmine Zhang
Mike Steadman beat Ben Hague

Alphaeus Ang and Mike Steadman lead on 5 points with 3 players just behind on 4.5

B Grade

Upsets in round 6

Mantra Bhatt beat John Liu
Daksh Bhatt beat Eden Oshri

5 Players share the lead on 4.5 points. Thomas Zheng, Lucas Xiao, Tracey Tang, David Zhu and Mukammad Razzaq.