2020 Club Champs – Round 5

A reminder that the Summit Rapid is coming up this weekend. It will be at Alexandra Park on Sunday November 22. The NZ Seniors Champs will be at the Chess Centre starting on Thursday November 26th. More information about both events (and others coming up) is on the NZ Chess Calendar.

Club Champs Round 5

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After taking an early bye Bruce Watson finally caught up to leader Daniel Runcan, but managed only a draw. This leaves Daniel in the joint lead with Nigel Metge with both on 4.5.

Upsets in Round 5.

There were 13 upsets this round. The top were:

Adele Zhou beat William Liu
Sophia Feng beat Jordan Lewis
Eric Mironov drew with Neil Sonnekus
Weitang Yu beat Charles Lu
Stephen Peak beat Anderson Chen
Daniel Runcan drew with Bruce Watson
John McCory drew with Grant Burrows