Summer Cup – Round 2 draw

The Summer Cup started on February the 15th. We have A,B and C grade of 8-player round-robins with around 30 players in a D-Grade Swiss. All Grades are Nationally rated.

Draw for Round 2

A Grade

Daniel Gong     - Bruce Watson
John Duneas     - Alphaeus Ang
Ben Hague       - Gino Thornton
Alexei Kulashko - Mike Steadman

B Grade

Leo Zhang      - Simon Lyall
Richard Taylor - Vinod Kumar 
William Lee    - Allen Fan
Paul MacDonald - Nathan Goodhue

C Grade

Alex N         - Don Eade
Jasmine Zhang  - James M
Hilton Jacobs  - Joy Qin
Eric Wu        - Keith Ward

Apologies to the new Club members in C-Grade whose full names I don’t have.

Photos from 2016 Simul

On January 25th New Zealand Champion and top ACC player Alexei Kulashko played a Clock Simul against various other club members. A clock simul is where every board is setup with a chess clock and players can move whenever the like (and start the opponents clock), so at times Alexei could have his clock counting down on 20 boards

Time was 90 minutes+30s for Alexei and 45min+30s for his opponents.

Results will be posted at some point but for now here are some photos taken by Simon Lyall

Results for 2015

Summer Cup

  • A Grade: Bruce Watson
  • B1 Grade: Daniel Gong
  • B2 Grade: Alphaeus Ang
  • C Grade: George Chen, Karl Holdo, Virginia Milne

Autumn Cup

  • A Grade: Alexei Kulashko
  • B Grade: Aaron Wang

Winter Cup

  • A Grade: Ben Hague and Bruce Watson
  • B1 Grade: Brett Rider
  • B2 Grade: Hilton Jacobs
  • C Grade: Stephen Peak and Scott Treanor

Spring Cup

  • A Grade: Ben Hague
  • B Grade: David Ansell, Xinyang Liu, Ying Wang

Blitz Champs

  • A Grade: Ben Hague
  • B Grade: Euan McDougall

Rapid Champs

  • Ben Hague

Club Champs

  • A Grade: Alphaeus Ang and Alexei Kulashko
  • B Grade: Simon Lyall and Brett Rider
  • C Grade: Caroline Yang

Centre Spirit Award

  • Ying Wang

Summer Rapid 2015 Results

The 2015 Summer Rapid was held on the 23rd and 30th of March and consisted of 6 games of 25min +5sec time control. There were 63 players competing

Top placings were:

1st       Bruce Watson       5.5
2nd-4th   Jasmine Zhang      5.0
          Ben Hague       
          Daniel Gong       
5th       Aaron Wang         4.5
6th-13th  Philip Hair        4.0
          Leo Zhang
          Hans Gao
          Alphaeus Ang
          Wayne McDougall
          Allen Fan
          Eric Wu
          Harry Redwood

Summer Cup 2015 results

The 2015 Summer Cup was player over 7 rounds during February and March. The Club was split into 8 player A, B1 and B2 grades plus 46 players in C Grade. The Top places are below with points out of seven.

A Grade

1st   6.5 Bruce Watson
2nd 6.5 Ben Hague
3rd  5.0 Michael Steadman

B1 Grade

1st    7.0 Alphaeus Ang
2nd  6.0 Allen Fan
3rd= 4.0 Sean Martin-Buss
3rd= 4.0 Jasmine Zhang

B2 Grade

1st     7.0 Daniel Gong
2nd= 4.5 Richard Taylor
2nd= 4.5 Paul MacDonald
2nd= 4.5 Leo Zhang

C Grade

1st= 5.5 David Milne
1st= 5.5 Karl Holdo
1st= 5.5 George Chen
4th= 5.0 Scott Treanor
4th= 5.0 Euan McDougall
4th= 5.0 Akshay Sharma
4th= 5.0 Wayne McDougall

Waitangi Weekender Tournaments

There will be 2 Tournaments over the Waitangi Day Weekend (Friday the 6th – Sunday the 8th of February) at the Auckland Chess Centre.

An Open tournament, a 6-round Swiss system with a Standard time control of all moves in 90 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move one. 2 Rounds on each day at 9:30am and 2:30pm. Download entry form for more details.

There will also be a Lightning tournament on the Saturday evening. Download the Lightning entry form.

See Vega: Waitangi Weekender; Waitangi Blitz for current entries and results/draw once tournament starts.