Autumn Cup starts on Monday, May 9, at 7 pm

Autumn Cup A- and B- grades will be divided as 1300+ and U1300 FIDE. The FIDE- and NZCF-rated tournament is from May 9 to June 20, with a break on Queen’s birthday (please check NZCF calendars for the Trusts Open tournaments on that long weekend).

The top five boards of the A-grade will be broadcast live on

Please use the following links to find your name, pairings before and results after each round (note that pairings are subject to change as players’ circumstances may change close to the time of the games)

The games start after a short announcement at 7 pm. Forfeit time is 30 minutes.

If you can’t make it to the game on time, please let us know (SMS is best) before 6:30 pm so we can re-pair players.

If you are sick, please let us know and do not visit the club.

If you’re going on vacation, please let us know in advance (email is best) and we’ll mark all the days you’re 100% not visiting the club.

Thanks and good luck!